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FrameProX Ultimate Software

FrameProX is a simple software application for generating shop drawings and cost estimates for structural and partition framing wall panels using light gauge steel framing. Its goal is to empower anyone who can read architectural and structural specifications to generate accurate dimensional framing for any structural or partition wall, along with the cost to fabricate and build it.

FrameProX eliminates the need for special 3D modeling skills or a deep understanding of CAD design. Users with a basic understanding of reading architectural dimensions and structural specifications can simply input this information into the software. FrameProX then automatically generates complete shop drawings for building the specific wall, including a detailed cost estimate

FrameProX Metal’s Ultimate Control
FrameProX is the most comprehensive tool of choice for professionals on every project ranging from bathroom pods right up to billion-dollar healthcare buildings.

Streamlined Input, Precise Output: FrameProX

FrameProX Metal empowers you to effortlessly design and estimate light gauge steel framing with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our user-friendly interface guides you through every aspect of the process, from selecting metal studs and gauges to defining openings, jambs, headers, shear plates, end posts and more.
  • Specify materials: Select metal studs, sizes, gauges, and dimensions with ease.
  • Define openings and details: Precisely position openings, jambs, headers, shear plates, end posts, and additional intermediate posts.
  • Incorporate bracing: Add horizontal blocking and strapping for optimal stability.
  • Manage intersections: Handle wall intersections seamlessly.
  • Estimate costs accurately: Input data used for a detailed cost estimate.

FrameProX Cost Estimation: Accurate Budgeting

FrameProX empowers you to build not just with steel, but with certainty. Our intelligent software generates comprehensive cost estimates based on your detailed shop drawings, providing transparent breakdowns for both materials and labor.
Element-Level Insights:
  • Material Mastery: Track material usage and costs with granular detail, including material weight, type, and cost for each structural element.
  • Screw Analysis: See the exact number of screws required for each element, along with associated screwing time, cost of screws, and labor costs for screwing.
  • Cutting Optimization: Understand the number of cuts needed and their associated costs, enabling efficient material usage and minimizing waste.
Wall Panel Overview:
  • Comprehensive Cost Breakdown: Gain a holistic view of total labor and material costs for the entire wall panel, empowering accurate budgeting and forecasting.
  • Labor Time Management: Anticipate fabrication time for each element, allowing for optimal workforce scheduling and resource allocation.

Master Any Steel Framing Challenge

FrameProX isn’t just a software for steel framing – it’s a comprehensive solution that adapts to your every need. We handle all types of structural framing elements, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. We empower you to build with confidence, knowing your steel frame is meticulously engineered for every detail. No matter your design, we have the flexibility and power to bring it to life.
Unmatched Flexibility:
  • Steel Thickness: Choose from a range of thicknesses, from light 26-gauge up to hefty 12-gauge steel, depending on your project demands.
  • Stud Dimensions: Design with precision. Studs come in depths from 2.5 inches to 12 inches, with flange widths ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches.
  • Customizable Spacing: Define the exact spacing between studs to achieve the perfect balance of strength and efficiency.
Comprehensive Elements:
  • Headers: Build strong openings with box composite headers for optimal load-bearing capacity.
  • Posts and Jambs: Create sturdy wall supports and secure doorways with our dedicated post and jamb elements.
  • Horizontal Bracing: Enhance stability and prevent wall distortion with customizable horizontal blocking.
  • Strapping and Backings: Ensure structural integrity and seamless connections with horizontal straps and backings for wall intersections.

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Seamless Integration with CAD Workflows: Export to DXF

FrameProX empowers you to bridge the gap between design and fabrication with effortless integration into your existing CAD environment. Easily export shop drawings as industry-standard DXF files, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of CAD software solutions.Key Features:
  • Universal Compatibility: DXF files can be seamlessly opened and manipulated in virtually any CAD software, fostering collaboration and flexibility within your design ecosystem.
  • Detailed Element Information: Access a comprehensive script file that meticulously lists every component within the wall panel, providing unparalleled clarity for further modifications.
  • Unleash Design Freedom: Edit exported shop drawings within your preferred CAD software to tailor them precisely to your project’s unique requirements. Effortlessly add or remove framing members, incorporate accurate dimensions, and insert company-specific title blocks and wall references to ensure compliance with your standards.
Unleash precision and efficiency with automated shop drawing generation. Leave tedious drafting behind and witness your design vision meticulously translated into detailed shop drawings for each structural element. From studs and headers to blocking and wall intersections, FrameProX captures every critical detail with flawless accuracy.

Shop Drawings

FrameProX generate fully detailed shop drawings for each structural element.

Streamline Production with Seamless CNC Integration in the Future

FrameProX goes beyond shop drawings – it streamlines your fabrication workflow with direct CNC integration. Effortlessly export detailed wall, floor, and truss information to your company’s CNC machine in a readily readable format.

Future Compatibility:
FrameProX is looking to integrate with leading CNC systems in the future, including AMS Controls, Beck Automation, Framecad, Howick, Knudson, Studmeister, Pinnacle, FrameMac, and Arkitech. We will constantly expand our integrations, so if your system isn’t listed, reach out – we’re happy to discuss custom outputs.